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Pick my brain! We will spend one hour talking through some of your biggest challenges. I will provide you with strategies and information to get you on track and help overcome these challenges.


This course is way past due!

It was time to create an all in one A-Z play by play business course that covers everything and anything from launching a design business to running one successfully and profitably.

I know that you're here because you've been looking for just the thing to take your business to the next level! 

I am excited to finally bring this course to my design business mentees all in one place and easy to consume!

There's always work to be done to level up - I am here to provide you with the knowledge, experience and resources all in one information-packed, actionable course. 
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This course is chock full of information and details for every step of running your design business. I have taken my entire 15 year career and loaded it all up in this course. You will learn from some of my mistakes and definitely my victories and how I manage to run a million dollar business with a small team.


You can expect downloads, templates, cheat sheets.

The course is presented mostly through video and written content. I kept it concise but information filled in 12 modules.

My goal was to make this easy to consume, yet full of solutions and value.

Design Business Playbook A-Z covers:

  • Strategies for leaving your 9-5 and run your design business full time

  • Everything you need to start your design business including legal designation, contracts and insurance 

  • Sales and marketing strategies for acquiring and retaining clients, negotiations and best practices, branding, website, social media, getting published.

  • Planning for growth and how to scale

  • Building your dream team 

  • Honing your creativity and creating memorable designs

  • Establishing a design portfolio to attract the right clients

  • Understanding your business finances, properly setting up your books and strategies for tracking performance

  • Setting and meeting financial goals.

  • Planning for profits on every project to meet revenue projections.

  • analyzing project scope and setting design fees.

  • Mastering product sales for maximum profitability.

  • Exploring various revenue streams and economies of scope to maximize revenues.

  • Establishing win-win vendor and contractor relationships

  • Effective professional communications 

  • Strategies for productivity and getting more out of every day

  • Making logistics tick - Handling freight and receiving

  • How to handle the current supply chain issues without going crazy

  • Managing installations and photo shoots

  • Service - and more business after the sale

  • Community over competition and paying it forward



I don't know a whole lot about football - I am more of a soccer fan, but the one thing I know is that the players abide by their playbook. Play by play. They rely on it for the win.

Same in business. You can't show up on the field of your design business everyday without a plan - your own playbook. Having the right strategies for building a solid business brick by brick will serve you the best.


Start as soon as you can to build structure into your business. Design Business Playbook A-Z was created for just that - to make it easy, convenient and accessible - all you need to know in one place.

Whether you are just starting out or you've been in business for a while, if you put these strategies I will teach you into action, you too can have the successful business you dream of. You will have the right attitude, the right tools and the right strategies.


You will be excited and grateful everyday because your business is rewarding. You will have influence in the design community, and you will be very profitable and successful. 

  • The course covers everything from launching a design business to closing out a design project, and everything in between.  

  • This course will challenge you and your current mindset, help you improve your outlook on your business, your attitude and what it takes to be truly successful.

  • Lots of great information and courses are out there on the market, including my other two courses - Pricing For Profitability and Preparing and Presenting Your Design Fee, but this course has it all in one place for easy access and convenience. This course also seeks to "teach you how to fish" versus "giving you a fish" - although there will be lots of time-saving resources shared with you in every module. 

  • The course is concise but very information filled. This makes it easy to work through the course at your own pace. You can skip the modules that don't apply to you and still get great value.

  • It is not just a course, but also reference material. You can access it time and time again as you need it.

  • The course is presented in both video and written format to make it easier to consume.

  • I have included most of the very documents, templates, contracts, spreadsheets, software programs, other resources I use in my own business everyday.

  • Access to my Private Forum for 3 months where you will have access to me as your mentor through Q+A sessions, group mentoring sessions and posting to the Forum newsfeed.

  • Up to 3 planned video sessions to talk about the course and answer questions. Recordings will be added to the course for future access.

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I have been in business for 15 years, and through this time, I have made a lot of mistakes and learned to pivot quickly and keep my eye on the prize. The prize being my purpose and my legacy.

You see, I came into this industry already at a disadvantage - I didn't have a design background and neither did I have a business background, but I knew right from the beginning that I have a place in this industry. I didn't focus on any disadvantage, but instead on how I would blaze my own path to success.

For me, it wasn't about me. It was much deeper than that. It was my talent, my gift, my purpose, and my contribution to the world. This means that no matter how tough it gets, I would stick with it, and if I am going to stick with it, why not make it great.

That attitude has led me to overcoming a lot of obstacles and put me on the path and pursuit of building wealth and a legacy for myself and my family.

I took the initiative to learn every single thing I could about running a successful business, and after a few years of seeing success, I began to teach others how to be successful as well. It has become a passion of mine to teach and educate, and it is still a lifelong passion to learn. You are now reaping the benefits of many years of trials and errors and amazing accomplishments and successes. I hope you dive right into Design Business Playbook A-Z as much as I have poured my heart and soul into creating it.

All the very best to you!

  • Is this Event Just For Local Designers To Houston?
    It is a live event that is held at the Casa Vilora Interiors Design Studio at 6193 Highway Blvd, Suite 207 in Katy TX. We will also be live streaming the day's events either through YouTube or Vimeo, or another channel. We will confirm details anad provide access later. All participants will receive an edited recording of the event.
  • What Career Level Would Benefit From This Event?
    The content is designed for designers at any stage of their career. New designers will find value in learning new information and systems to build a solid business. More seasoned designers will find value in it as a refreshers course, or a way to tighten up their existing operations
  • Do I Have To Stay For The Entire Event?
    It is best if you stay for the entire event, since the material is spread over the 6-7 hours. There is take home material, so if you have to leave, I understand. You will received an edited recording of the event
  • Why Is There A Charge For The Event?
    The material and information that will be delivered will be priceless and extremely valuable as you seek to grow your design business. I have dedicated time from my client work and my own business to deliver my tried and true processes to help you be successful.
  • Why Does The Live Stream Cost More?
    We will have to bring in special cameras, mics and other equiment and pay for the services of a videographer for the entire day to make the live stream possible.
  • What's Your Cancellation + Refund Policy?
    You can cancel for a full refund anytime before December 15th. After that, no refund is available. To request a refund, contact us at
  • What If I am Not Happy With The Material Provided At The Event?
    I welcome your feedback, and if you are not happy with the material delivered, I am happy to discuss that with you
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