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So you successfully made it through a new design consultation with a client that you are excited to work with. Ideal client, perfect publication pitch-worthy project that will be the perfect representation of the types of projects you want to be doing in the future.

Now it's time to present the client with your Fee Proposal, and you freeze. The fear sets in, because you have no idea how to effectively present your fees, and you are scared to lose the job. Worse yet, you prepare the Fee Proposal and really underestimated your time and fees!

Yikes! Does this sound anything like you? There is hope! This mini course gives you the step by step guide to preparing your Fee Proposal, starting from the right mindset to the courage it takes to ask for the fees you deserve. Learn how to handle any rejections of your fee and win your projects every time

Who Is This Course For

Designers who:

  • Are new to running a design business and not quite sure how to prepare a Fee Proposal

  • Don't have a proper process in place for onboarding new clients

  • Are not comfortable talking money and stating your fees

  • Fear presenting your Fee Proposal

  • Lack the confidence to charge what you are worth

  • Are unsure about what billing method to use

  • Need regular cashflow

  • Hate regular billing

  • Need motivation tracking time and expenses

  • Don't have a proper contract or agreement 

  • Don't know how to handle possible rejection of their proposal

  • Don't know how to manage clients' expectations at the consultation

What You Get With This Mini Course

A comprehensive lesson on the important components that must be included in your Fee Proposals to ensure that your clients have a clear understanding of the scope of work, the fees for the scope, the payment schedule, the terms and conditions and what happens if there is scope creep.


Course includes:

  • Video 1 - We will work on the mindset. Why it is important to think like a business person and keep your emotions out of sending out your Fee Proposals

  • Video 2 - An introduction to the purpose of the Fee Proposal, how to protect yourself and to ensure transparency, so your clients fully understand the project you are both agreeing to. To alleviate scope creep, and if there is, it will be addressed in a timely manner and paid for

  • Video 3 - (Screen Share) - A page by page tour and explanation of the Fee Proposal I use to win projects every time. Learn how to phase out the project into task categories so you never undercharge. Learn how to properly estimate your hours and earn what you're worth

  • Video 4 - How to handle potential rejections of your Fee Proposal

  • A download of the template of my Fee Proposal at 50% off the normal price

What's Next?

​Glad you asked!

The Fee Proposal Mini Course is set to launch on Monday, June 25th 2018. This is such amazing content that I have had many requests for. I am so excited to deliver this mini course at only $97! 

If you have taken my "Pricing For Profitability" mini course released earlier this year, you will understand that I pour my heart and soul into the content I produce for you. Here's some of the feedback I got from enrollees in the Pricing For Profitability mini course



I purchased Veronica Solomon ‘s pricing for profitability today while in the carpool lane... LADIES & GENTS!!!!!! This is a MUST have! She has created this as a labor of love for all of us! I am on lesson 7 and it is chalk full of eye opening lessons!!!! Thank you Veronica for leading us! I love you!!!!!!

-Kim E

I purchased your Pricing for Profits course and did lesson #1 mindsets. LOVE IT! So far- I realize I am giving away the farm! I will keep my kiddos as shareholders from now on!

-Rebecca M

Big shout out to Veronica Solomon! I’m taking her Pricing for Profitability class. I’m only on Lesson 3 and I feel like I’m getting a business degree... AND loving it! I love the business side of things so I’m eating this up. Thank you Veronica! 😁​

-Wendy C

Hi Veronica, I just purchased your course and am loving it! 

-Michelle C

I just enrolled! Thank you, Veronica. I'm so excited! I only get this excited with I get to go to Disney World!​

-Whitney J

Learning a lot from this amazing course - Pricing for Profitability from one of the greats.This is a course that you absolutely must sign up for - Sign up today!

-Lakeitha S.


 Thank you Veronica! Some of the information in the course I had recently implemented in my business, but I'm seeing other tweaks I can do to start maximizing profits.............. I also had no idea about the profit margin calculations or the right ranges these should be. I really want to start building my vendors and shopping trade-only sources. It's my goal for this year to start working toward this and also visit a market in the next 12 months. I'm feeling so excited, inspired, and refreshed from your course. I know I have so much to learn but I love all the resources you have provided and had no idea of all you had outside of your Facebook group. Really looking forward to digging into some of these. I better get to work! Thank you <3



Oh my gosh! I am so glad I purchased this course. I learned more from this than I did in my design school. This is amazing. The detail of running a design business right here in black and white. I was able to better understand how trades work, how to work with contractors. I cannot say enough about this course. Thank you Veronica, for sharing your knowledge to those of us who are just beginning



Thank you Veronica, this course is full of quality content but most full of encouragement lessons to make changes and start doing a well designed business that make us proud and to make reasonable profits , be respected as a professional business owner. Thank you so much, I feel so grateful to make the desicion on taking this course . 🙏🏼😘 Keep inspiring with your work and advice.




This is what it's all about for me. My heart is for sharing my own experience, and I want the content I produce to be easily consumed, and very actionable. I know we are all busy and are bombarded by information that can sometimes be a lot of fluff and no substance. I only want to deliver information that you can use to grow your businesses and see major profits; just like I have. if I can do it, so can you, I just want to provide you with the right tools at a great price point. 


I am so excited to get this new course into your hands that I will make it available at a reduced price during the Early Bird Period - from now until June 24th at midnight.


Get this course for only $77 Now

Course will be available on June 25th. Early Bird price of $77 ends on June 24th at midnight. Regular price is $97

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