This excel worksheet will help you easily plug and play and calculate your profit margins in dollars and percentages on products based on my discount split pricing model, down to freight costs, any miscellaneous costs and even sales tax. You can decide what percentages you want to use for your discount split. The spreadsheet is designed that you only need to enter a few numbers: your net cost, the MSRP, and freight cost and it calculates everything else for you including average percent savings and profit margins as a percentage. The first page gives you detailed instructions on how to use this document. There are protected fields that you cannot change as that will change the formulas and input fields that you can change as needed


This is proprietary information developed by Veronica Solomon and you do not have authorization to share, replicate or distribute this information in any way. You are purchasing the right to use this product solely for your business needs. 


Budget Breakdown Spreadsheet


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