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After the consultation, you want to further prove to your client that you are the best designer for the job. The Interior Design Proposal goes beyond just a legal document, but works as a marketing tool and a way to enhance what you bring to the table. The document itself is a pdf with a link on the first age to an editable Canva template. The legal terms and conditions are very clear and cover every situation that we have come across in our business, but be sure to fully review with your attorney. You can use it for flat fees or hourly fees, even for commercial projects. Just edit as needed


Disclaimer: File is to be used as template only for the layout. Do not use the pictures or video contained without our written consent. Do not use the verbiage word for word. 


Disclaimer: We strongly recommend that you have this and other legal forms available in our store evaluated by an attorney. Different regions may have different laws and it may or may not address everything needed in your particular situation. We cannot be held responsible for its use, neither are we responsible for any incorrect or improper use of the information contained in the legal forms. 


This form is completed based on the way we work. This may not be the same as the way you work. Please edit accordingly.


Fee Estimate Proposal Agreement

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