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You Are Not Alone!

Join our highly engaged, private VSU member forum and get access to group mentoring, discussions, videos, information, and weekly accountability check-ins from Veronica.

Our forum is small and focused. You can share resources, add photos, ask questions and follow other members

A Place To Belong



I run a highly engaged Facebook group of over 4000 designers at all stages of their careers, and I understand first hand the need for a community of like-minded people who are dedicated and committed to each other's success. 

I started a Facebook group back in 2016 because I felt alone in my business. Not only did I feel alone in the challenges I was facing, but alone in the victories and accomplishments I was experiencing

I looked for a group of people who would get what I was feeling. Maybe they were perhaps going through it  too, maybe they had just gone through it, or maybe they are about to go through it. My Facebook group "What They Don't Teach You In Design School" is and will continue to be a great place for that sense of community and belonging.

But we began to grow; which is a good thing! We need a big group with lots of collective ideas and input sometimes.


But what about the times you need a small, focused group to keep you accountable? What about the times you need some one-on-one advice or a specific focus? What about the times you need a laser targeted resolution to a challenge you are experiencing right now? What if you just want a bit more structure, clarity, decisiveness? What if you thrive in small groups and larger groups not so much?

As I mentored designers one-on-one, that is one of the things I would hear over and over " I love being a part of the group, but at times I feel a bit lost in the shuffle"

I decided to create the VSU VIP Member Forum as that smaller group environment for those who thrive in smaller settings. The goal is to get focused, get clarity, take action and thrive

This forum is not meant to replace the Facebook group, but to provide more focused, structured content and direct access to me as your mentor

Just like I pour my heart and soul into everything I do, this forum will be no different. You can expect regular videos, resources, content, group mentoring sessions, and focused information to address most business challenges we all face

I will be in the forum on a regular basis, sharing and offering specific advice based on my own experience and accomplishments. 

I will share what is working or me. I will be your accountability partner. I will help you take action!









How Does It Work?


  • Follow Other Members

  • Add Photos

  • Ask Questions, Respond To Other's Questions, Participate In Discussions

  • Access Resource Library

  • Webinars And Group Mentoring Events

  • BONUS - Special Forum Categories To Keep Us Focused On The Relevant Topics

What Do You Get?


  • Inspiration to take action

  • Focus - Learn how to block out all the noise and get to what counts

  • Mindset and Confidence reset

  • Direct access to the resources I use in my own business

  • Step by step guide on how I make profits in my business, how I attract clients, how I handle discovery calls and conduct consultations. 

  • My step by step process 

  • Efficient operation even if you are a solopreneur

  • Clarity on your next steps

  • Webinars And Group Mentoring Events






How To Join

I would love for you to join our VIP Member Forum. 

In an effort to keep the forum very focused and an ongoing resource for all - a place where I will be investing time, expertise and energy, there will be a monthly charge of $97 per member

This is a small investment for what you can expect to receive.

Click the button to join. 

Upon successful payment through our payment processing system, you will receive a payment confirmation email, as well as an email with details for accessing the Forum.

You will need to create a username and password to access 

You will have access to some categories right away, but as a security measure,  there may be a 24-48 business day delay on accessing other categories 

You can cancel at anytime

No refunds are given


Time To Get Focused and Get Results

Your Membership Includes

Weekly Check-In
Resource Library
Community Hub
24/7 Access
Group Sessions

Just had a coaching call with Veronica. She's so honest and to the point! I have so my good stuff to chew on! With a few critical tweaks to my website (copy, process and pricing) I think the pipeline will soon start to 'unplug'! I get to watch our coaching call video again and again and again

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